Top 3 Secrets For Mom’s Who Own a Home Based Business Yet Would Like to Maintain Their Sanity

Are there days when you feel like you’re home based business is doomed? Or days when you have seriously questioned if being a stay at home mom was the right choice? Mixing mommy hood and home based businesses can be a scary combination.  Many moms who survive will figure out a few tricks of the trade the hard way at the expense of lost business or with frustrated children who lash out.  Please, let me spare you at least some of those lessons. Here’s what I’ve found to keep my home based business moving forward while maintaining a happy household without losing my mind:

SUCCESS SECRET#1:  Schedule Your Business Time.   Make your family time family time and your business time business time.  I used to try to just hop on the phone and/or computer throughout the day when I got a free minute, but soon I’d find myself in the middle of toddler meltdown with a client on the phone or my page of marketing strategies being used as snowflakes (you know torn to bits).  My daughter needed my attention and when it was split between her and my business it made things frustrating for the both of us.  Now I keep my business time and my daughter time separate.  I work on my business during her nap, or during a movie and after she goes to bed. I switch my phone off and focus on her when it’s her time.  This means when I do get to work I have to be efficient and focused so I automate what I can and let the internet and my computer do a lot of the work for me. Then I give my business the attention it needs and only I can provide without all the frustration. Likewise, my daughter gets the attention she needs and the meltdowns are much fewer and farther in between. 

SUCCESS SECRET #2:  Call for Back Up.  Maybe your children don’t nap anymore or maybe you just need more time to work on your business than a 1-2 hour nap will provide. It’s time to call in for backup. Family, friends or a babysitter coming over even just once or twice a week can make a big difference on what you can accomplish.  I’d recommend if possible even locking yourself in your office/bedroom/or going to another location where you can be uninterrupted.  Even if the baby just doesn’t want to go down for her nap,  your babysitter of choice will figure something out or worst case scenario, phone you.  You’ll find yourself better able to focus on your business without distractions and on your children when you know you’re going to have a few a hours to handle all those pressing business concerns. 

SUCCESS SECRET #3:  Get some Rest.  This one was difficult for me.  I have a hard time sleeping when I know I have something left undone, even if it’s just an idea I need to go write down.  But what I’ve found is when I don’t get enough sleep. I am not a happy mommy and when I am not a happy mommy I have less patience for my children, which we all know is probably the most important job requirement when dealing with children, especially toddlers.  Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it.  Almost everything will wait and you’ll be fresher and better able to handle it in the morning.  If you’re like me and you just can’t sleep, try making a list for the next day.   For some strange reason that makes me feel that whatever the task was, it has at least been accounted for and therefore it will not be left undone or forgotten.  My mom always told me, “a good mom, is a happy mom.”  It’s much harder to be happy when you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. At the very least, get yourself to bed early a couple nights a week.

So there you go. Pretty simple. Just always keep in mind you own a home based business FOR your children not inspite of them and remember some days it’s worth it to just throw in the towel and take a break. Or maybe rather throw that towel in a bag, get the sunscreen and take the little ones to the pool. That’s the beauty of home based business ownership. You are the boss and when you see the need for a mini-vacation, you go get it girl!

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7 Ways to Screw Up Your New Staffing Software

Planning new staffing software? You will want to avoid these 7 ways to mismanage the process.


Great looks don’t necessarily mean a tried & true partner that will take you through the life of your company. Make sure the software has useful features that will have an impact on the day to day operations of your firm. Detail out what you need to accomplish with the new staffing software and make sure that all of your major concerns are addressed. Your list should contain “bread & butter” features. Avoid “pie in the sky” wish list items that no software vendor will have. Please don’t leave the choice to the outside software consultant that you hired. Get involved with the decision.


We all like to save money but as with everything else, you get what you pay for. If you see a vendor’s pricing is far apart from another there has to be a reason why. Usually that reason is that you will not receive the same value. Often there are hidden costs that crop up later. Vendors do offer promotions from time to time but crazy pricing is usually a bad sign. No one can afford to hire expensive developers to continue to improve the product and senior support people that will give you superior service, if they are giving their products and services away. There will be a missing piece somewhere. Why take a chance?


A successful software installation and data migration takes planning. Put together an internal team that will work with your vendor project manager closely. Choose people that are intimately familiar with day-to-day operations. Do not involve the entire company unless you are very small and everyone is a key player. It is a mistake to hand over implementation and data conversion to someone who does not understand the business need; or leave it to the vendor to make all of your decisions! Important planning will be overlooked and you will be scrambling on live day to get your work done. The foundation is critical. Choices that you make in implementation will be with you throughout the years that you are using the software. Don’t make the mistake thinking that you will get to it “later” when you are less busy. You will never get back to it and if you do it will be more difficult to change. Avoid living with inconveniences. Make good decisions and get it right initially.


When vendors list training on their proposal they are recommending the minimum number of days you will need in order to learn the software. If you reduce the amount, you will be receiving less than what you need. Every software is different, and feature-rich enterprise level software will have a lot of capability that you will not be able to learn ad-hoc no matter how intuitive the software or even if you have a team of rocket scientists working for you (OK maybe if you have rocket scientists) but no one else! Take the training already. When you invest in new staffing software you are not just paying the software fees. You are acclimating your entire company to a new way of doing business. That’s important enough to make sure you can use it.


Often over-looked is the Software Policy Manual. This is a short booklet that instructs your team on how you want them to use the software. One all-encompassing e-book for everyone or one for each department works equally well. Your choice should reflect how large your organization is and how tasks are managed. What should it include? Basic workflow on how to use the system for all of the major tasks. Include what codes you want used, what data must be entered (set fields to “required” if your software allows it), and best practices. Don’t forget to include a few pages on rules for social media. It is best to define what can be posted regarding your company on social media before an employee posts something that causes an issue.


Unless you analyze the data that is being processed in your software solution, you will not have an understanding of how it is being used. Measure use by producing reports by employee so that you can gauge who is using it correctly. Software is supposed to help manage your business and give you information on performance and profitability. Data walks away. Make sure you keep what is yours even if employees leave. If it is not in the system, it didn’t happen.


Please don’t let everyone share passwords or even worse, give everyone the same password. Make sure employees change their passwords periodically. Restrict access to social security numbers and other sensitive data. Restrict folder and system file access. Select a designated and trusted system administrator. If you are cloud based check with your vendor to see where your data center is and what tier the datacenter is ranked. Tier 4 is the most secure type and features a host of benefits such as weather proofing (you don’t want your data blown away in a tornado); TV cameras; 24-hour guards; secured cages; backup power generators; SSA16 compliance, anti-virus measures and more.

It may sound overkill but in the age of hackers you can never be too safe when it comes to data access. Find out how often backups are taken and how many days of backups are secured before they get overwritten. Learn who has access to your data and what protocols must be followed in relation to your data. Remember you are handing over your data which is the lifeblood of your company. Losing all of your data could put you out of business! Never just assume “everything is being handled and safe”. Remember all of these precautions cost money so if your solution is really inexpensive it may be good to ask some questions. You don’t want to find out your cloud is actually in an unsecured regular office building or someone’s garage.

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Top 6 Trends Followed by the E-Commerce Website Design Company

An e-commerce web design has its own unique character and is indeed designed to lead the online shoppers to make purchases from the site. When a business designs an e-commerce website, it needs to consider the chief principles of designing e-commerce website. An e-commerce website has to be attractive and must use the right color combination. Only a well-organized website can help you convert. The best e-commerce website design company follows the latest trends in e-commerce website designing.

If you are looking to have an online store or redesign the site, you must choose only an e-commerce website design company which follows the latest trends in web designing. Let us check out the latest 6 trends.

· Bigger background to redesign your site: When it comes to designing the website, companies are looking to incorporate video backgrounds and large images. If the background is large, the company can convey the story of the business and talk about the products and services in details. The more convincing the story sounds; the more chance of conversion is there. Buyers will be attracted towards the products and end up making purchases.

· The use of animations to engage the customers: If you want to engage the customers in the best possible manner, it is great to use attractive animations. A reliable and experienced company will use rich animations into the design to make the shopping experience enjoyable. It is only animations that can make your customers feel that you care for them.

· Cleaning off clutter: Nowadays, when it comes to creating an e-commerce website, the more focus is upon having a clean design. Among the designers, the hidden menus are extremely popular. It helps in cleaning clutter from the site and this is why it is so popular. Initially meant only for the mobile devices, now hidden menus have established their presence in the desktop design as well.

· Long scrolls: Now everyone is used to long scrolling web pages. This is all due to the coming up of mobile friendly websites. If the website features long scrolling, it will allow more of visuals, storytelling and also permit easy navigation. If the scrolling is permissible, the users will like to stay to the site for longer periods. This will promote interaction and open the door for more sales.

· The layout is responsive: More and more web designers focus on creating responsive websites featuring a responsive website design. The design of the site must be such that it is displayed well on the mobile device or any other device. Your site must be accessible from multiple devices.

· Pleasant browsing experience: Ecommerce web design companies in India focus on giving your users a pleasant browsing experience. Thus, they can shop comfortably without any delay in page loading. Professional designers include only relevant content and thus help your brand establish trust relationship with the customers.

If the e-commerce website design company follows all the latest trends in e-commerce website designing, your site is sure to succeed and gain an edge over the competitors.

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Porter’s Five Forces Model And Internet Competition

According to Porter’s Five Forces Model, in my opinion, competition has increased overall as a result of the internet and e-Commerce. The internet and IT has made it possible to both focus on the top and bottom lines and market share is expanded and costs are cut. Many products and services exist just online, major companies have gone online to successfully augment the brick and mortar corporations, and the playing field is all the way to edges of cyberspace, wherever that is. We will further evaluate this stepping through all five forces.

Buyer power is higher when buyers have more choices. Businesses are forced to add value to their products and services to get loyalty. Many loyalty programs include excellent services that customers demand on-line. Customers want to solve their problems and many times they are more successful on-line than on-phone. Also, we see internet savvy businesses springing up offering more valuable goods and services at lower costs. Now with the advent of eBay, many people are assuming roles as drop shippers. Individuals can have a thriving business selling goods of larger companies without having to carry inventory.

Supplier power is higher when buyers have fewer choices from whom to buy. As mentioned earlier, drop shipping has increased the amount of suppliers available. All an individual has to do is form and agreement to sell products for the company. The company takes care of all the logistics. The same is true of associates programs that and offer. Associates allow a webmaster to earn money by recommending products from others. This increases supplier offerings.

Threat of substitute products or services is high when there are many product alternatives. This is different than having many suppliers. Examples of alternatives are exchanging brand names, substituting credit card capabilities, and looking at better values from cheaper sources. The internet allows this with the “global economy”. I can substitute my product by purchasing from companies overseas where labor, services and products are cheaper, but of comparable quality.

Threat of new entrants is high when it is easy for new competition to enter the market. Well, what have we been talking about? Now, small operations can open shop with less than $10.00 per month and make a lot of money. As inventive as people are, there are always opportunities to do improve a product or service or just create and sell something new. Recently, many new entrants have made even more money authoring Ebooks that tell others how to do what they did. Rivalry among competitors is high when competition is more intense within industries.

On-line book stores and catalog companies are an excellent example. and are very competitive. However, there are many also smaller niche affiliate bookstores that when combined take a great deal of market share. They offer even more competition. However, both major bookstores have used IT to create value for their customers. These values include associates programs, ease of payment and shipping and many, many others.

The internet offers avenues of competition to existing companies and opportunities for start ups. Now businesses can enter the market on-line with few barriers to entry. Porter’s Five Forces Model can help demonstrate the attractiveness of starting your on-line business. A business person should use the model to identify competition, make a plan, and implement the process.

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Best Web Design Services

Want to design or re-design your existing website?

In today’s fast world, website is the front face of your company. Users go through that website which is more appealing and user-friendly as compared to the one that is outdated and dull. If users or customers don’t get attracted to your website, they don’t stick to it. To make your website attractive and visually appealing for the customers, you need to acquire services of professional and trustworthy IT Design Company.

There are many IT design and development companies in industry offering quality web design services. Professional guidance from a reputed designing company can bring positive results. Web development and design may sound easy for users but it includes a lot of planning and efforts to achieve desired results. Before choosing any company, take a detailed look at company’s portfolio. By this, you can easily review the company’s past project details, work niches etc. You can ask them about their expertise in graphic designing software like Java, Flash, and Adobe etc. The price of the company also varies according to the services they are offering. You should make sure the staff of company is well trained and professional and they meet the deadlines. You can also search for best IT companies on major search engines like Yahoo and Google. Beside this, you will need regular updates also. Ask them for the maintenance of website also. You can consult your friends and family as well search for best IT Company online. Choose that company that suits your budget and website requirement.

The designers make general as well as customized websites. If you want to go conventional way rather than traditional way then you can go for customized web design services. Customized website is followed by designers from the scratch as per your design. Customized sites are more expensive as compared to general ones. Before selecting any web design company, make sure that they are effectively using latest tools and techniques. As it will help in the long run by reducing the cost of website designing in future. Web design companies should properly examine the website requirement, location, preferences, target customers, nature of website and region before designing any website.

You can introduce different incentives as well as discount coupons to grab the interest of customers. In tough online competition, make sure that your products meet the demand of the customers while maintaining the quality.

To beat your competitors, your website should be designed better than their website. You should choose skilled web Company. Web professionals take your website to the top position by using embedded tags so that your website will appear in search engines. A good company provides customer support to solve your queries 24/7. They offer you reliable services in case of upgrading or troubleshooting the website.

Having an attractive website is not enough to boost your business. Getting help from reputable companies will help your website to improvise by using promotional content. Understanding the customer’s demand help the designers to customize the website in a way that will induce the customers to purchase the products. After the completion of web design, SEO and web development is also necessary. Hiring any web development company can save your time and resources. Any website that is indexed in search engines by using white hat SEO tactics will generate quick leads for your business.

By designing, you can expect online results in a shorter period of time. It increases business functionality and growth. Websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate are preferred by users. In this way they give information to users and can increase sales of the company as well. Web design, web development and SEO services give boost to the business by increasing your website visitors and sales simultaneously.

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Diesel Watches: The History of a Great Watch

Diesel watches are known far and wide for being desirable items of jewellery, and if you would like to get one for yourself then you will not be disappointed. Here is a quick overview of the history of this famous watch to give you a better idea about the timepiece you are buying.

Company Origins

Diesel’s story goes back to 1978 when the company was founded by Renzo Rosso in Italy. At this point, Diesel watches had not come into existence, and the company instead focused on clothing.

At first, Diesel remained a fairly small and unknown brand, at least on a global scale. It is hard to imagine that seeing as now it is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, but for over a decade this was how it remained. In fact, the Diesel brand only began to start to get international recognition in the early 1990s.

Marketing Strategy

The company’s international marketing strategy was formed in 1991, and you could say that this was the year that things really started to change for the company and it began to build a reputation whereby Diesel watches are now known all around the world.

Five years later, Diesel opened its first premium store in New York on Lexington Avenue. At the same time, Diesel was beginning to see some much larger sales in America, and the company brand was really starting to take off across the world.

Focus on Youthful Image

Diesel has always focused on targeting its products towards a younger, trendier audience. This is also true of Diesel watches, which accompany the clothing line and are sold as lifestyle products.

One of the main figures responsible for this successful strategy is Wilbert Das who joined the company in 1988. He overseas all creative decisions, including its licensed collections consisting of jewellery and Diesel watches.

Continuing to Innovate

Diesel has proved itself to be an innovative and stylish brand, and Diesel watches are now popular all around the world for their style and quality. After proving itself over two decades to be a genuine innovator, we can expect the company to go on creating ever-more exciting watch models and other apparel for many years to come.


Enjoy Your Historic Watch

Diesel watches are excellent timepieces, and when you buy your own you will be acquiring a watch which is famous all over the world. Now you know a bit more about the history of the watch, you can buy your own with confidence knowing that you are getting a truly historic watch.

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Business Networking – Spiderman’s Not The Only One Building Webs

Business Networking is crucial to the success of your business. Building a foundational web of contacts, support and resources can be the difference between success and moderate success, or success and failure.

If you are new to online business, Internet marketing, or the business of doing business, you may not be as familiar as you should be with business networking. Let’s discuss this very important aspect of doing business, especially as it relates to business online.

The term business networking refers to the practice of people spreading knowledge of their business, products, and services to others in a manner that leaves a good impression, lets people recall you and your business, and encourages the formation of strategic alliances. It is a process of meeting and familiarizing yourself with others, and building relationships that are important to the success and profitability of your business.

Most Internet marketers and entrepreneurs quickly come to realize that in order to grow their businesses, they needed to engage in business networking for all of the same reasons offline businesses do – sharing services, forming partnerships to help promote one another, building sources of support, and expanding their reach and resources. This is really the crux of business networking, to form alliances which translate to mutually beneficial relationships.

Even though some entrepreneurs have years of business and professional experience offline, for whatever reason, they often ignore the practice of networking when becoming engaged in online business. This may be due to their unfamiliarity or inexperience with the Internet, where they may not immediately grasp its fundamental principle. After all, the Internet is networking; the ultimate means of sharing of information.

Business Networking is an activity. Its purpose is to find and build upon connections and relationships that will benefit you and your business. Period. It requires the active participation of the parties involved, and it includes connecting with other people who may be your peers, potential mentors, individuals who have similar business interests, or people who have other things in common with you.

You will likely discover various benefits of networking. These may include new sources of support, added business knowledge, and increased financial resources, however, always be clear in your understanding that the end goal of your networking is to find what benefits you and helps you to succeed.

There are numerous business networks in existence, both online and offline, where members may share special privileges and benefits. For example, a network may encourage members to share or exchange services among one another within the network for reduced fees, in comparison to what is available to outsiders.

Some networks are more formal than others, sometimes having administrators who coordinate activities and events within the organization, enforce governing bylaws of the membership, or collect membership fees annually. Other networks may not actually conduct business within themselves, but serve to gather people of like interests and bring them together. is one such business network, and allows its online members who share the same interests and location to actually meet face to face.

Now that we know what networking is and some of its benefits, let’s take a look at networking online, beginning with a quick glance at social networking.

Social Networking – The last two years have seen a substantial rise of social network activity and the growth of related sites such as YouTube, Facebook and MySpace among others.

Since its purchase by Google, YouTube, has continued to become an immensely popular success story. The site allows amateurs, with little knowledge of the web and no software to download to facilitate participation, and literally anyone with a camcorder or camera/video phone to upload personal videos online and make an impression.

YouTube started as a place for friends and families to share videos, but with time, businesses and entrepreneurs began to see the importance of using YouTube to facilitate marketing and business networking. At the close of whatever type of video, publishers simply embed links or other contact information for their businesses or websites. With the immense volume of traffic to YouTube, this has developed into an extremely effective tactic. Social network sites exemplify the concept of viral marketing at its best.

Let’s look at another example. Facebook is another hugely popular site where friends can share interests, information, sell goods and services to each other, upload photos and videos and even join existing networks. Businesses which join Facebook, enter a world of virtually limitless opportunities and potential leads. As a result of their activities, members can experience a phenomenal surge in traffic to their websites or businesses.

The most important thing to remember about the advantages of online networking is that you can position yourself and your business to benefit from worldwide contacts and relationships, the potential of which is immensely greater than that to which you may otherwise be exposed. And the results of those connections can develop exponentially within short periods of time.

One last thing. In dealing with online networking (where you may rarely have the opportunity of meeting your partners face-to-face), it is especially important to focus on three fundamentals of good business: professionalism, courtesy and great customer service.

Excellent customer service skills can mean the difference in whether or not your business is recommended or selected for a contract or project. It also leaves a lasting impression on the people with whom you come into contact, helping them to remember you. With numerous online sites and portals, many businesses are engaged in competition with one another, and what may very well be a distinguishing factor is customer service and courtesy.

A few tips for business networking:

1. Create A Website-If your main business is offline, create an online presence with a website featuring an easy means of contacting you. Most offline businesses have now realized the advantages of having an online presence. A very large proportion of business is now conducted online and people usually go online to research a company before they conduct any business with it. These days, without a business website, it is impossible to fully tap into the benefits of business networking.

2. Business Cards-It may seem an archaic concept, but business networking, even for online businesses, should not be confined to the Internet. In order to succeed in networking, a business representative should have business cards as part of their marketing plan, which contain the basic elements of the business’s contact information.

3. Be Skilled In Customer Service-As stated earlier, customer service can make or break a company. With numerous businesses competitors, a crucial aspect is customer service.

4. Join Social Networks Online-We cited Facebook, YouTube, and My Space as excellent sites to join in order to generate exposure to your business, and there are of course many others including common interest groups and forums.

Business networking is of utmost necessity if you are to grow your business in this immensely competitive environment. In many ways, the Internet has leveled the playing field so that small business organizations can effectively compete among each other, and against larger entities. Use this to your advantage. Create your own immense business webs. Spiderman has nothing on you.

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The Importance of Your eCommerce Site for Your Business

It is plain to see why a poorly designed website can be a major problem to online businesses, most especially during the holiday season, which covers 20% to 40% of the yearly sales.

In this regard, those who need data validation can refer to the stats that explain the importance of your brand’s presence on the Internet:

  • Before people shop at a physical store, they often check websites of online stores.
  • Customers search online for the prices and availability of goods so they would know whether to shop online or at physical stores.
  • During an economic crisis, consumers exercise caution when shopping online to stretch their budget, resulting to an increase of website traffic.
  • Shoppers that tend to purchase downloadable gifts like eBooks, music and FB credits, among others, will likely buy more.

Optimize Your Online Site Immediately

Now that you are aware of your site’s importance, what should you do before the holiday season approaches? It is never too late to try some of these strategies:

Prepare for unexpected traffic.Plan ahead of time to make sure that your site can manage all the orders. Anticipate peak loads, observe the responsiveness of your site and assess application performance way before Cyber Monday.

Increase the speed of your site. Use a CDN (content delivery network) for a speedy delivery of relevant content with videos and images to your consumers.

During the holidays, most shoppers use their mobile devices to search online before heading for the stores. Therefore, it would be wise to incorporate an in-store experience with info regarding your well-timed and relevant personalized website and mobile apps.

Find ways to let the customers easily find your products on the web. To improve exposure, submit a feed to the top online shopping comparison engine, Google Product Search. Try the Amazon Marketplace or add pay-per-click ads to Amazon Product Ads’ product and category pages. This way, shoppers will be able to view your ads when they find products that are similar to yours.

Though social media is not the main channel for searching, it has targeted the mainstream and has therefore gained importance, specifically to GenY shoppers. Transform visitors into sales channels by including social sharing in product pages. Display good customer service in public by resolving issues with customers on networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

People who are low on budget usually search online before buying, so it is a good idea to follow the example of various sites in making it fun, simple and efficient to shop on the web. Provide product filters, rich product details, comparison tools, well-designed navigation and recommendations. Enhance the images of your best-selling products, emphasize your value propositions and make sure that shipping and return policies are clear.

Fix your leaky conversion funnel immediately by adding simple and cost-efficient website usability and feedback tools.

Whenever possible, ask for the visitor’s email address and try to squeeze a lot of value out of each sign-up.

Try to employ remarketing campaigns so you can target consumers who take time to buy.

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Benefits of International Travel

International travel can be a great experience; it allows you to witness many new cultures and lifestyles. International travel has many benefits which make it better than your traditional domestic vacation. Depending on your destination, traveling abroad can also save you money because of the current exchange rate. These rates change and may not be available in the future. A good exchange rate or activity that you would like to see may not be available if you put off planning the vacation. Another benefit of planning an international trip today is the current technology, which makes booking a trip easy. Technology can help eliminate the hassle of finding the best prices and locations based on your budget.

Traveling, whether for a long weekend away to a nearby country, or clear across the globe, is invigorating, refreshing and expands so much in one’s life that it is something that more people should do. Traveling abroad can greatly change your life for the better because there are many cultures and lifestyles to experience. These cultures can provide you with an entirely new perspective on life. Once you begin experiencing the beauty of the world, you may even begin planning yearly international vacations.

Currency rates fluctuate regularly and, as stated before, this may be a good reason to plan an international vacation today. Money is necessary if you are planning to travel and see the sights the country has to offer. If your currency can be exchanged at a reasonable rate, this can greatly improve your vacation experience. This is an important reason for traveling internationally now since you can get the most out of your trip. If you put the trip off the exchange rate may change for the worse and you can lose money after arriving at your destination.

Practical reasons

However, let us get down to the more practical reasons for traveling internationally. Frankly, it is understandable why most people would be hesitant to travel now. The economy appears to be in bad shape and many people are trying to save money. However, in some instances, this can be beneficial for travel, the airlines may lower their prices in order to get your business and this can save you money. Airline prices also fluctuate between airlines and by looking around you may find a special promotional vacation package that may not be available in the future.

Vacations are meant to be fun and enjoyable and this is another reason for traveling abroad today. There are many locations to visit from the beaches of the Caribbean to the beautiful and exquisite city of Paris, France. Experiencing something new is always the best way to live and an international vacation provides just that. This can spice up your life by allowing you to find things that you would not normally consider trying.

In fact, these days traveling is so much easier, more efficient and less time consuming than it used to be. We can travel across the globe faster and it requires much less energy than was required years ago. It is also possible watch TV, movies or listening to music while traveling. On some airlines, you can even follow the path of your airplane via satellite!

Technology and travel

Due to the technology available, planning a vacation can be stress-free as well. By using the internet to purchase your international flight tickets, you can plan your trip, get travel advice, and shop around for great deals. Technology has come a long way especially for finding the best travel packages. You can book your hotel, car, flight, and even your entertainment all on one website. If you are unsure of your destination, you can browse through the millions of videos and pictures of different locations to find which location best suits you. Planning an international trip can be an enjoyable experience when compared to the hassle involved years ago.

It is highly recommended to travel abroad at least once in your life and there are many benefits to planning your trip now. Saving money is the main reason for planning your trip today. When traveling abroad, you may have to exchange your money for the local currency. Currency exchange rates change frequently and this can have a large impact on your vacation. Since you do not know what the rates are going to be in the future, it is best to plan your trip while a good rate is available. You should also consider planning a trip because of the cultural value. Experiencing new cultures and lifestyles can help provide much value to your life. It may even change your life completely because you may find something new that you like. If you are planning an international trip, you should consider these suggestions because they can help you get the most out of your trip.

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Top 8 Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer

When you first buy a computer, even after the first few programs are installed it remains blazingly fast! However after a few years of use your computer operation will slow down – imagine a partial blockage in a hosepipe that can not be seen. It's such a gradual process that you hardly notice, but the more you use that hosepipe the more blocked it will get. This analogy could have taken further and you might consider the hosepipe's connection to water which is not clean an added cause for blockage (= pirate programs? / Viruses / adware etc) or leaving the hosepipe outside for ages and not being hurt up (= no Maintenance / housekeeping), but as I do not do analogies …

So here are the top 8 ways to counteract everything that slows down a computer for FREE! Applicable to Windows XP or windows Vista, ignore this if you do not know what it means.

Defragment Your Hard Drive (s)

If you do not do this your hard disk (s) becomes fragmented by general use and when you new programs are installed. When you install a program the file is generally placed on one part of the computer but after a while bits and pieces of data are spread across the hard disk. By using Windows 'Disk Defragmenter' the software moves all the bits of data into roughly one place. You can get to the file by clicking:

All Programs
Disk Defragmenter
Once the program has fully loaded click on the top drive and work your way down.

Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup steps 'housekeeping'. When you load most programs, often bits of data that may have been used while the program was running are left behind. Those programs do not generally bother deleting those, which can slow the computer down. You can easily and safely delete those bits of data by clicking:

All Programs
Disk Cleanup
If it comes up with a list of boxes make sure all are ticked.

Uninstall Unused Software

Uninstalling unused software speeds up the computer by freeing up space on the hard drive, cutting down on all the 'data sludge' that it has to wade through for normal use. To do this click the following:

Control Panel
Add or Remove Programs
Scroll thru the list and find the programs that you wish to remove
Click 'Add / Remove' or 'Remove'
If it requests you to confirm removal click 'Yes' or 'Confirm'

Run Windows Update

Windows update is a service update offered by Windows (surprise surprise). The updates
Are generally security related but they can also include patches for added
Stability. To run the update simply click:

Windows Update
And then complete the following
Windows XP
Control Panel
Automatic Updates
Check the circle next to 'Automatic (recommended)'
Windows Vista
Control Panel
On the left is 'Change Settings'
Check 'Automatic (recommended)'

Disable Indexing Services

Windows Indexing Services is a service that categorizes all the files and folders on your hard drives. The problem with this is that it also slows down the computer considerably. To disable it click the following:

My Computer
Right Click 'Local Disk (C :)'
Click Properties
Uncheck 'Allow Indexing Service'

Stop Unwanted Start-up Programs

When you start the computer and other programs automatically start that you do not need want at that time. Another problem is that it also slows the computer down. To remove the programs from start up (this does not remove the programs permanently) click:
XP – C: Documents and Settings All Users Start Menu Programs Startup
Vista – C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup

(Note – this directory is hidden by default) Delete the programs you do not want in loading when the computer starts up.

Extra Ram

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and your RAM helps to process all the information that goes through the computer. Broadly speaking the more RAM you have, the faster your computer. Unfortunately it does cost but prices are reliably cheap.
I use a website called 'Crucial' and they have a nifty little tool to help you sort things out.

Crucial – Homepage
Crucial System Scanner
Error Checking can help diagnose and even correct a wide range of hard drive errors. It helps stability, speed and may even fix a few errors. To do it click:
Open 'My Computer'
Right click on one of the Hard Drives (usually C :)
Click 'Properties'
Click the 'Tools' Tab
Click 'Check Now'
Click both the boxes
Click Start
Restart the computer if asked.


You may want to bookmark this page for future reference, Firefox: press Ctrl-d to bookmark or 'Bookmark this page' in 'Bookmarks'. Internet Explorer: Press Ctrl-D or 'Add to Favorites' in 'Favorites'. Before we continue it is highly recommended that you back up your computer.
I can not be held responsible for any problems that may be incurred while carrying out these recommended actions, however I may offer remote diagnostic assistance to help fix any existing computer problems.

I recommend you do this twice in a row and then repeat once a month. Hopefully after that your computer should be blazingly fast. If not, or if you want more speed try the links below. Also I do not recommend that you use any software apart from the software that comes with Windows.

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